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A Personal Message from Glenys Cox

Hello and Welcome!

You have been invited to trial one of our new Online Equestrian Courses!  We have been developing some amazing new distance learning equine courses and are offering a discount to the first groups of students who trial these courses.

We have structured a 'Pathway' which you can enter anywhere along the way, with relevant courses from complete beginners to qualified professionals. Simply follow the links on this page to our new online horse courses and our new equine career pathway. Please visit our new site for news and updates.

Our courses are Centrelink* approved, which financially assist you to study full-time for up to two years while you prepare for a career in the International Equine Industry, even if you are now a complete beginner.

Of course you will have many questions and we have answered many of them below. I recommend that you take the time to find out more about our online horse courses.

If you enrol in one of our distance learning equine courses, I am sure you will enjoy your equine e learning experience with us and trust that it will lead you to learn more about horses and into a rewarding career where you can follow your passion!

Remember to live your dreams,

Glenys   :-)
Glenys Cox
Director – Ausintec Academy (Study Horses & Online Horse College)
AHRC Level 2 Coach
EFA Level 2 General Coach
EFA & AHRC Examiner
EFA & AHRC Coach Educator
Workplace Trainer and Assessor
International Level 2 Equestrian Passport
Bachelor of Adult and Vocational Education
Master of Education (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

* Centrelink is only available for Australian students

For more information about your discount online horse courses simply click on one of the courses below


Check the Study Horses .com Pathway for Equine Learning to find out where you can commence your equine studies in the current Pathway.


This is a fantastic way to discover the basics about horses.
You could be a complete beginner to horses, even a parent or a partner of a horse owner and just need to know a little more about how to safely care for and handle horses.

Basic Horse Care

(No previous experience required)

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Are you a beginner horse rider, or someone who has lost confidence and would like to start again?
You may be someone who can already ride, but would like to learn more about riding techniques.

Horse Riding

(Complete Basic Horse Care first)

Would you like to have your own horse but worried you don’t know how to care for it or ride it correctly?
This course combines ‘Basic Horse Care’ and ‘Horse Riding Lessons’ so you will be prepared when that exciting day arrives that you finally have your own horse!

Your Own Horse

(’Basic Horse Care’ & ‘Horse Riding Lessons'
courses combined)


If you want to work in the horse industry and already have some experience with horses, this is a fantastic way to get started.
You could be a High School student doing some Vocational Educational training, or someone who is looking for a new career

With Horses

(Previous experience with horses recommended)


Would you like to take beginner horse riders out on trail safely?
If you already work with horses or have substantial previous experience this could be the course for you

Trail Ride Leader

(Previous experience working with horses or
‘Working with Horses’ course required)

Do you want a professional qualification so you can teach people about horses and teach them how to ride safely?
If you already work with horses or have previous equestrian/competition experience this could be the course for you

Horse Riding Instructor

(Previous experience working with horses, or
‘Working with Horses’ course required, competition experience recommended)


This is a brilliant course if you would like to gain the knowledge to care for a stable of horses. 
Lots of common problems are covered in this course and lots of tips and tricks from experienced professionals on how to fix them.
Horse Riding and Breeding are optional electives.


Stable/ Horse Management

(Complete Horse Riding/ Trail Riding Instructor first)

If you would love to teach in a specialty area of training horses and riders, this course has been designed for you.
The Horse Riding Instructor qualification or equivalent is essential before enrolling in this course, so you can now focus on your specialization.

Teaching Specialized

(Complete Horse Riding/ Trail Riding Instructor first)

This course is ideal if you would like to turn your passion into profits!
You may already have your own horse business, or would like to commence you own horse business. It takes you through the steps of taking your hobby into a money making venture

Horse Business

(Complete Horse Riding/ Trail Riding Instructor first)

So you liked the previous course and want to take it to the next level?
This course focuses on more advanced strategies of turning your hobby into a cash machine with either your own or another equine enterprise. As an added bonus, this course also gives you credit into some University courses.

Equine Business

(Complete Own Horse Business first)

Now that you have completed a course with us, do you feel other students could benefit from you experience and knowledge?
If you would like to be a Study Horses Trainer and Assessor, this course is one of the pre-requisites.
Enrol here if you love to help people!

Trainer and Assessor

(You will train/ assess one level below your
current qualifications, so complete relevant qualifications first)


If you want to jump into an online horse course at a massive discount, click on this link to Online Horse College



 free horse videos

 free horse book

 free horse videos

 free horse book

 free horse videos

 free horse book

 free horse videos


Is Online Equine Education for me?

* Do you live and breathe horses and just want to learn more about them?

* Does your child live and breathe ponies and you would like to know more?

* Would you like to support your partner, friend or child in their equine. equestrian ventures?

* Would you like to have a career or are you looking for a new career with horses?

* Do you already have a substantial experience with horses and are considering online equine skills?

* Would you like to study full time with horses where you can receive a Centrelink* payment?

* Would you like to enroll in a course where you will receive an Accredited Equestrian Coaching qualification on completion?

* Would you like to have automatic credit into your University studies from our courses?

* Are you already working with horses and would like training to further your education?

* Would you like to work with horses and are looking to improve your skills to gain employment?

* Would you like to gain skills to successfully manage your own horse related business

* Would you like to continue your education and learn more about horses but full time study would be difficult

* Are you looking for a flexible way to study about horses?

If you have said 'yes' to any of the above questions about your equine education, it sounds like you need more information about our online equine college. Keep Reading to find out more about our online educational pathway for a career in the horse industry with our online horse school.


When do my online horse classes commence?


Once your payment has been processed, you will automatically gain access to

* Orientation into your horse courses online (please complete this first)

* Downloadable student workbooks to commence your online equestrian courses

* Extension lessons/ homework

* Video tutorial giving your access to online equine classes

* Online horse classes given in Power Point Presentations

* Equine elearning quiz assessments using the latest software

* Details of practical distance learning equine studies assessments

* Details of your regular phone tutorials

Within a short period of time, you will receive your own secure webpage with up to twelve months (depending on your payment method) home equine study materials, assessments and other relevant information


Who will supervise my practical horse care, horse riding and equestrian instructor training?

If you already have a horse riding instructor or equestrian coach, they will probably be automatically qualified to supervise your practical horse management and horseriding training. Other people that may be qualified to supervise are the owner/manager of your horse riding stables, or some-one else you know who has considerable experience with horses.

If you are at school, (depending on your Study Horses .com course) your teacher may be able to supervise your practical assessments. You will also be required to 'self assess' and 'peer assess' your horse course practical activities. A 'peer' may be some-one with around the same experience as you with horses. They could be another Study Horses .com student, one of your horse riding friends or someone from your horse riding barn. They act as a 'mirror' and mark off your checklist as you complete your practical horse activities.


Can I really gain an educational qualification from an Online Horse School?

Yes, absolutely!

Unlike many other online equine schools, Study Horses .com is an accredited educational institution where you will receive official recognition from the Department of Education, Training and the Arts. Students will receive an Accredited Educational Qualification or an Accredited Statement of Attainment on completion of every one of our equine elearning courses.



All of our online equine courses are from fully accredited qualifications and we are Nationally Recognised to deliver this training. These home study horse courses have been adapted to the needs of the international Equestrian Industry
SIS30710 Certificate III in Sport Coaching
SIS40510 Certificate IV in Sport Coaching
SIS50510 Diploma of Sport Coaching
BSB20107 Certificate II in Business
BSB40207 Certificate IV in Business
BSB50207 Diploma of Business

  We are a member of the Australian Council for Private Education and Training (ACPET). Acpet is the National Industry Association for independent providers of Vocational Education. They have strict controls in place to guarantee that students are treated fairly and in accordance with their guidelines
  You may be eligible to be paid for up to two years for an individual course, but only if you are an Australian citizen and meet the Centrelink guidelines.  Your local Centrelink office will be able to let you know if you meet their criteria for our equine home learning. Most people do, but if you already have a sizable income then don't expect to qualify!
Centrelink Provider Institution Ref No: 4P530
  Ausintec Academy (previously Ausintec/Caboolture Equestrian Centre) has been a Registered Training Organisation since 2001 delivering courses to meet the needs of the International Equestrian Industry during that time. Until recently Ausintec Academy has delivered all training 'on campus' but has developed online courses to meet the needs of the growing International equine community.

Registered Training Organisation No: 31352


  We offer a 100% Money Back Risk Free Guarantee

We are so sure that our courses will prepare you to work in the Horse Industry that we will guarantee you a 100% full refund of all the course fees paid to Study Horses .com if you cannot find work in the horse industry once you have completed our Pathway.

  Our Director, Glenys Cox is an EA/ EFA (Equestrian Australia, previously Equestrian Federation of Australia). She holds Elite Level EA Coaching Qualifications in General Equestrian (Dressage, Show Jumping and Eventing) and is also a qualified Coach Educator and Examiner.  While our courses are not directly recognised by EA, Glenys is able to grant you Recognitiion of Prior Learning (RPL) for your relevant equestrian riding and teaching qualifications gained at Study Horses .com
  Glenys Cox is also a Coach, Coach Educator and Examiner with the AHRC (Australian Horse Riding Centres) While our courses are not directly recognised by the AHRC, Glenys is able to grant you Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for your relevant equine e learning at Study Horses .com into Horse Management, Horse Riding, Equestrian Coaching and Trail Riding and Leading Trail Rides as required by the AHRC


Need an Equine Education Qualification? For more information about your discount into our Online Equine College, simply click on this link 


online horse courses

 free horse videos

 free horse book

 free horse videos

 free horse book

 free horse videos

 free horse book

 free horse videos


Are these courses recognized internationally?

Yes, Australian educational qualifications are very highly regarded in other countries, and often held in higher regard than their own qualifications

If your country has Equestrian and Equine qualifications, they may be able to grant RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) from the qualification you receive when you graduate from Study Horses .com into their Horse Management, Horse Riding and Horseriding Instructor qualifications 

These distance elearning courses are taught in Queensland, Australia. Because they are taught by distance education, horse industry students can access them around the world and still receive their educational qualification.


Can I do any short courses about horses in your distance learning equine school?

Yes, we have customised our courses into smaller 'mini horse courses' where you can complete one before going onto another. If you are just learning about horses and ponies, some examples you may start with are

* Distance learning horse care (Ideal for parents or partners of horse lovers)

* Distance learning basic horse riding before progressing onto

* Distance learning equestrian riding

If you already have previous equine experience you may decide to enrol into one of our more advanced equine courses such as

* Distance learning equine science or advanced horse management program or

* Distance learning equine management for horse business owners

Students who complete a short course or a partial full course will be granted a 'Statement of Attainment' when they complete their short courses. This Statement of Attainment is recognised as an Educational Qualification


To find out more about our Home Study Equine Short Courses, leave you details at the bottom of the page

Who is Study Horses .com and Ausintec Academy

Ausintec Academy (previously Caboolture Equestrian Centre) has now been delivering Vocational Education for budding equestrians for almost 20 years.

Over that period of time, we have built strong teaching systems for working in the horse industry that allow students to safely progress step by step into a professional role within the International Equine Industry

Many International students were from non-English speaking backgrounds so we have customised our courses with simple step by step instructions written into plain English that are easy to read and understand.

At the original campus, students included

* children riding ponies

* adult beginners learning about horse care and horse riding (including parents and partners of existing horse riding students)

* competitive equestrian riders in showjumping, dressage, horse trials, combined training, showing, jumping equitation and pony club

* beginner horse riding instructors and equestrian coaches

* qualified professional equestrian coaches training towards higher qualifications


Our facilities and resources to learn about horses included a wide range of horses and equestrian equipment, air-conditioned classrooms and EFA and AHRC coaches teaching the programs, supported by regular elite level guest equestrian coaches

However many potential students from interstate, overseas and isolated communities were not able to access our classes and courses because of the location, time and family commitments as well as financial restrictions. They requested a flexible system that would fit into their needs.


We have now met those needs and now have an online equine school that delivers home study equine courses with online equine classes in

* Basic horse care

* Beginner horse riding safely and with confidence

* Preparation for your own horse

* Horse courses to prepare you to work in the horse industry quickly and efficiently

* Equestrian courses for competitive riders (dressage, showjumping, cross country, combined training, horse trials, show horse, jumping equitation)

* Safe trail riding

* Taking people out on trails safely

* Online equine science and advanced horse care

* Online equine management for horse associated businesses

* Courses in the equine industry for students working towards online equine degrees

Our Director personally understands the needs of Equine and Equestrian Professional Bodies and the education systems that they work within and has either written or had input into courses within these equestrian and equine education bodies

Australian Horse Riding Centres

* AHRC Coaching Qualifications

* AHRC Proficency Certificates

Equestrian Australia (Previously Equestrian Federation of Australia)

* EA/ EFA Equestrian Coaching Qualifications

* EA/ EFA Horse Management Certificates

* EA/ EFA Horse Riding Certificates

Service Skills Australia

* Equestrian Units in the Sport Industry Training Package

* Horse Riding Units in the Outdoor Recreation Training Package

In addition, she has studied within the British Horse Society system and several Australian Equine Education systems and as well has taught in the United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, Asia and Europe so has an understanding of the different needs of horses and horse care in various parts of the world.

With a proven track record in training budding professionals, we have adopted our systems to implement these online courses. The latest software to support this innovative program has been put into operation and the team at Ausintec Academy/Study Horses .com are ready to go


Why is there such a huge discount on the cost of this course?

Simple! We want to be the best Horse College in the world and we need your input! We need students to trial our home study equine courses and are prepared to subsidise your equine/ equestrian training. In return we ask that you give us your opinion on our equine courses and let us know of any 'teething' problems.

However, as soon as we have finished our testing the price WILL GO UP. If you would like to learn more about horses, and in particular if you plan to work in the international horse industry, then I urge you to find out more about our equine e learning courses NOW!


Do you have a guarantee?

Yes, we have a 100% Money Back Guarantee

Just leave your details below and we will send you more about our 100% Guarantee into our Online Horse Course Pathway


For more information about your discount into our Online Equine College, simply click on the link at the bottom of the page


Time is running out!

When we have completed our trials with our online equine courses, our prices WILL GO UP!

Just click on the link below to find our more about our home study horse courses.


Would you like to know more?

Simply leave your first name and email address below and we will give you access to more information with details on

* Online equine studies courses outline

* Price List/s for online horse courses

* How the online horse courses are assessed

* Optional payment plans for online horse courses

* Length of time it takes to complete each of our distance learning horse courses

* Part time and full time study details for your equine studies

* Government registered course numbers and other online equine studies details

* Centrelink details so you find out about being paid to study your online horse course

* RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) details for your previous equine studies and horse or even pony care experience

* How these courses fit into EA/ EFA (Equestrian Australia, previously Equestrian Federation of Australia) and AHRC (Australian Horse Riding Centres) qualifications

* What types of positions in the International horse industry are available when you have completed your home study horse course

* What further study is available in your equine career


For more information about your homestudy horse course, just leave your name and email at the end of the page


We think that your courses are are exceptional, but what do other students say?

We have only tested our online courses on a limited number of students so far, but here is what they have had to say …




Good information as always.

Found the gait info really helpful as this is what I’m working on with my youngster at the moment and it really helped to reinforce what I need to be doing.

Amanda E









Things are going well. The workbooks and relevant information prior to the assessment process have been very helpful.

Lara S









have enjoyed … and found the text books helpful

Jessica S









well written and easy to understand and follow. Very useful information. Pictures were very appropriate

I am aiming towards giving riding lessons to beginners, and one target area I have is mature-aged beginner riders. The sequences give me some good ideas on how to introduce new systems to people that haven’t been doing this all their lives.

Belinda S









Very nice to refresh and test my memory.

Epp P









Good information. I’m enjoying the format.

I have had a great response from all of my questions. … you have given me plenty of feedback and kept me informed of all developments.

Amada E









… it has been great

Everything is great, all I can say is the more information and pictures the better!

Ashleigh S









course is very well set out.

Jordyn D










The instructions are clear and easy to follow and the content is such that I have always practiced and so of course I like it a lot :)

Desiree J









Enjoying the course :)

Angela M










Congratulations on putting together an online format – I really like working this way as I can do it when it suits and I prefer using the computer directly to do my work.

Amada E




If you still have questions, just click on the link below and the information will probably be on the next page ... otherwise, just email us on Requests (at)

online horse college

 free horse book
 free horse videos